Efficient GPCR Lead Discovery by Combining Novel Biosensors with Computational Biology.

Research Associate / Technician Discovery & Pharmacology (100%)

Assay Development and Drug Screening

You are a highly motivated, fully committed technician with a strong profile in drug screening. You have the know-how to maintain a laboratory using signaling assays, mammalian cell culture, and molecular biology methods. You are both used to apply standard methodologies and to develop novel drug screening assays. You enjoy working in an international environment, to train your colleagues and to process and report your results.

We are offering a unique learning opportunity in a challenging scientific project with high therapeutic relevance.

Your tasks

  • Set-up diverse signaling assays for GPCRs (BRET / FRET-based assays, including radioligand binding assays)
  • Maintain mammalian cell culture (including primary cells)
  • Conduct basic molecular biology techniques including DNA preparation & standard mammalian cell transfection methods
  • Analyze, organize and present data
  • Laboratory organization: Purchase reagents, consumables, and maintain equipment

For this position, you qualify with an apprenticeship (“Biologielaborant”) or a higher degree in biology or a related discipline. Moreover:
  • You must have relevant hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge in cell culturing
  • You must have experience with signaling / drug screening assays
  • Relevant industry experience in a pharmaceutical laboratory environment is preferable
  • You must have knowledge of data analysis software such as Microsoft Excel and GraphPad Prism or R
  • You are a proactive person, team oriented and have a great attention to detail
  • You need excellent communication skills and fluency in English

Contact InterAx
If you are interested to join an inspirational and successful team in a rapidly growing start-up, in which your contribution is essential and highly valued, please send your application including CV, motivation letter and references to Dr. ObscureContactEmail.

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