Integrating Experimental And Computational Pharmacology For Intelligent Drug Design

Management team

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Dr. Martin Ostermaier

Biochemist, inventor, ETH pioneer fellow

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Dr. Maria Waldhoer

Twenty years track record in GPCR signalling with extensive experience in academia & industry

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Dr. Aurélien Rizk

Computer scientist (ENS Rennes, France), systems biologist

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Mr. Luca Zenone

MSc ETH BA (MTEC), engineer, management consultant

Scientific and Business Advisors

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Prof. Gebhard Schertler – Head of Biology & Chemistry at the Paul Scherrer Institute, Prof. of Structural Biology at ETH Zürich, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder and Head of Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Michel Bouvier – Chief Executive Officer of the Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (IRIC) and professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Montreal.

Dr. Chris de Graaf – Director Computational Chemistry - Heptares Therapeutics

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Prof. Jennifer L. Whistler - Associate Director, Center for Neuroscience, Professor of Physiology and Membrane Biology, University of California, Davis.

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Prof. Claudio Costa-Neto – Associate Prof. of Biochemistry at University of Sao Paulo, Consultant at Sofinnova Partners.

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Dr. Philipp Berger – Cell Biologist, PSI Project Leader, Co-Founder.

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Dr. Werner Enz – CTI Coach, CEO of Basel Inkubator and EVA, the life sciences start-up agency.

Directory Board

  • Dr. Martin Ostermaier

  • Luca Zenone

  • Dr. Yiannis Monovoukas

  • Theo Melas-Kyriazi

  • Dr. Bettina Ernst

  • Prof. Dr. Jens Gobrecht