Efficient GPCR Lead Discovery by Combining Novel Biosensors with Computational Biology.

InterAx Biotech

InterAx is a Swiss Biotech company spinoff from the ETH Zürich and Paul Scherrer Institute.

InterAx is developing different assets for the discovery of functionally selective drugs with improved efficacy and reduced side effects for the largest class of human receptors: the G-Protein coupled Receptors (GPCRs).

The uniqueness of InterAx lies in the combination of protein-based IP-protected biosensors and mathematical modelling of signaling pathways. Besides opening new doors in classical drug discovery, the InterAx technology presents high relevance in precision medicine. The InterAx Biosensors Technology Platform will allow for the first time quantitative comparison of drug-induced GPCR signaling pathways and therefore the identification of selective lead molecules for GPCRs. Such functional selective compounds activate exclusively beneficial cellular responses and thus at the same time avoid adverse effects.

InterAx is developing the platform and will start the discovery of the next generation of GPCR medicines in-house. The Company will give access to InterAx’s Platform to Biotech/Pharma for specific targets and generate partnership projects for GPCR drug discovery.