Beyond target identification and ligand discovery

Create novel safe and efficacious drugs with AI and cell biology

InterAx combines machine learning, mathematical modeling of cellular processes, and experimental methods derived from more than 10 years of fundamental research to generate high-efficacy leads for a given GPCR target.

We decipher drug effects on cellular signaling – one of the least understood aspects of biology, and a major point of failure for new medicines. We provide unique tools for discovery and optimization of GPCR drug candidates.

Our differentiation

We leverage both experimental methods and simulations of mathematical models of cellular processes to generate datasets suitable to train machine learning models. By doing so, we learn from both data and cellular biology knowledge and are able to unlock the use of artificial intelligence to predict cellular responses modulated by drugs. In addition to the classic discovery of high affinity binders, InterAx technology opens new dimensions in drug design – enabling selection of high efficacy drug candidates based on cellular biology mechanisms. In other words, this technology helps to move from “ligand discovery” to “drug discovery”.

The InterAx platform

InterAx helps partners to accelerate and optimize hit‑to‑lead identification for GPCRs.

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JUL 2022

InterAx Biotech, MS Center Amsterdam and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam join forces to unlock a novel target to promote remyelination…
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SEP 2021

Early and successful completion of European Union’s H2020 Project    September 2021, Switzerland   Today, InterAx Biotech AG, a Biotech…
APR 2021

APR 2021

InterAx Biotech further strengthens its Scientific Advisory Board – welcoming Prof. Dr. Ruedi Aebersold as a member   April 2021,…

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