APR 2021

InterAx Biotech further strengthens its Scientific Advisory Board – welcoming Prof. Dr. Ruedi Aebersold as a member


April 2021, Switzerland


Today, InterAx Biotech announced that Prof. Dr. Ruedi Aebersold has joined the company Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) as a member. InterAx is a privately held ETH Zurich and Paul Scherrer Institute spin- off reinventing drug discovery with systems biology and artificial intelligence to significantly reduce the time and costs associated with the discovery and development of new drugs for a wide array of human diseases.

Prof. Dr. Ruedi Aebersold is a pioneer in the field of proteomics and systems biology. He co-founded the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle in 2000 – the first-ever institute dedicated to the study of relationships and interactions between various parts of biological systems. He serves on the Scientific Advisory Committees of numerous academic and private-sector research organizations. He received multiple prestigious honors and awards in his career, including being ranked #1 on the 2015 list of “most influential people in the analytical sciences” by the Analytical Scientist and most recently the 2020 Swiss Science Prize Marcel Benoist.

“We are honored to officially welcome Prof. Dr. Ruedi Aebersold as a new member of our Scientific Advisory Board,” said Dr. Aurélien Rizk, CEO of InterAx Biotech. “Dr. Aebersold’s expertise, insights and direction will provide an unmatched mentorship as the company is extending its core technology to predict a broader range of drug responses. This will be especially valuable as InterAx Biotech is entering a new phase – advancing its in-house programs driven by its proprietary technology platform.”
“It is exciting to support a company successfully pioneering the commercialization of mathematical modeling and principles for systems biology-based drug discovery that have been developed in academia in the last decades.” says Prof. Dr. Ruedi Aebersold.

The InterAx Scientific Advisory Board consists of 7 members and includes experts in GPCR pharmacology, computational and structural biology, machine learning, medicinal chemistry, translational medicine in oncology and immunology. These experts provide scientific advice and are involved in strategic discussions about the company’s direction. The main focus is on the advancement of the InterAx technology platform and on the in-house drug discovery of next-generation therapeutics for conditions with highly unmet medical needs.

After having succeeded in acquiring first Pharma and Biotech partners and in securing EUR 2.49M European grant (Grant agreement No 880322), InterAx Biotech is looking forward to further expand its partner base and develop its in-house oncology program. InterAx is planning to grow further and is celebrating its 5-year anniversary with the opening of a new investment round.

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