MAY 2023

InterAx Biotech to Apply its Leading AI and Cell Signalling Technology to Support Target Validation for a Sosei Heptares GPCR Discovery Program.

Villigen, Switzerland, 9th May 2023

InterAx Biotech, a Swiss drug discovery company, announces it has entered into an R&D agreement with Sosei Heptares to apply its integrated AI and cell signalling technology to a challenging G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) target associated with inflammatory diseases.

InterAx will leverage its unique discovery platform and deep understanding of GPCR pharmacology to quantify the complex details of GPCR signalling. The objective is to generate evidence to support an informed understanding of this GPCR as a potential new target for therapeutic intervention and to inform a future Sosei Heptares structure-based drug design program.

Aurélien Rizk, co-founder and CSO of InterAx Biotech, said: “Our work with Sosei Heptares is important for InterAx and validates the power of our technology to provide informative outputs in cell signaling, which can be applied to drug discovery. We believe that the identification of drug leads with highly specific biological responses is key to reducing risk and timelines associated with drug development. We are excited to apply our technology on a GPCR target and disease with an unmet medical need where the pathogenesis of the disease is not well understood. This will open new avenues for providing patients with greater opportunities for both effective and safe treatments.”

Alastair Brown, SVP Translational Medicine at Sosei Heptares, said: “Quantitative pharmacology forms an important part of our approach to understand detailed mechanism of action, identify biomarkers and validate new targets. We have been very impressed by InterAx’s innovative technology to decipher the complex language of cellular signalling with respect to GPCRs. We look forward to seeing what novel insights for drug discovery are generated and how these might increase our understanding of the complex biology on this potential new target.”

About InterAx Biotech AG
The company, a spin-out of ETH Zurich and the Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland, uses high throughput biochemical screening of compounds integrated into an artificial intelligence and cell pathways mathematical modeling process. This platform unlocks previously intractable targets, shortens timelines for drug discovery from years to months and reduces risks. The company focuses on the generation and optimization of drugs which trigger a specific and well characterized effect on signaling pathways, thus leading to higher therapeutic efficacy and reduced risk of toxicity. The company is specialized in G Protein-Coupled Receptor (GPCR) drug discovery and covers hit-generation, hit-to-lead and lead optimization for all targets including orphan GPCRs. InterAx has a highly experienced and dedicated team of scientists specialized in AI, mathematical models of signaling pathways, cellular pharmacology and computational chemistry. The company is currently funded by lead institutional investors and a grant from the EU commission and is preparing for the next round of financing to grow its capabilities and advance lead drug candidates.

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