Integrating Experimental And Computational Pharmacology For Intelligent Drug Design

InterAx announces its active participation in the next European Training Network ONCORNET 2.0. The ONCOgenic GPCR Network of Excellence and Training was funded with 4M EUR by the European Union.

May 2019, EU-Switzerland: InterAx Biotech AG announced today that the European Union granted 4M EUR to a consortium of academic institutes and SMEs from the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, UK and Switzerland. The main goal is to better understand and target two oncogenic G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) involved in multiple tumours. The consortium will develop new strategies for chemokine receptor modulation and investigate their effects on oncogenic responses, to yield key new knowledge and potential leads for drug development.

InterAx and Lundbeck A/S entered an agreement to enable the in-depth characterization of drug candidates using the proprietary InterAx systems biology platform

April 2019, Denmark-Switzerland: InterAx Biotech AG announced today that it has entered an agreement with Lundbeck A/S to enable the in-depth characterization of drug candidates using the proprietary InterAx systems biology platform. InterAx and Lundbeck will combine their expertise in the characterization of drug candidates for an undisclosed target.

InterAx Biotech received the Seal of Excellence by the European Commission

February 2019, Switzerland-Belgium : InterAx is proud to announce that we received the Seal of Excellence by the European Commission, as the institution managing Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2014-2020 for its Disruptive GPCR Lead Discovery Platform Delivering New and Safer Therapeutics.

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InterAx Biotech closed a financing round of CHF 3 million

January 2019, Switzerland : InterAx, a Biotech company pioneering computational pharmacology for drug discovery, has closed a financing round of CHF 3 million. The investment round was led by Falcon III Ventures and investiere. The new funds will be used to accelerate commercialization of the technology platform which enables intelligent drug candidate design and selection. InterAx appoints Dr. Bettina Ernst as a new member of the board of directors. She brings in additional extensive and valuable experience from the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.

September 2018, Switzerland : A jury composed by professionals ranked the companies for the TOP 100 Swiss startups award. The profiles of the selected startups are published in a special edition of the Handelszeitung, the most renown Swiss business and economy weekly newspaper.

See what Einstein, InterAx and the Nobel Prize have in common

European Union awards InterAx with Horizon 2020 SME Instrument

July 2018, Switzerland-Belgium: InterAx Biotech AG today announces the support of the highly competitive European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program for Small to Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME) for the development of its discovery platform.

InterAx Biotech and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam enter a collaboration to unlock novel chemical space for chemokine therapeutics

May 2018, Switzerland-Netherlands: lnterAx Biotech and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam announce that they will combine complementary technologies to design bioactive molecules – so called POLYPHARMACOLOGICALS - that simultaneously target multiple chemokine receptors.

New immune oncology drug molecules expected to result from leadXpro / InterAx partnership

April 2018, Switzerland: leadXpro AG and InterAx Biotech AG, join forces to discover and optimize new drug lead molecules targeting G-protein coupled receptors.
The collaboration brings together leadXpro’s strong expertise in structure-based drug discovery on G-protein coupled receptors with InterAx’ validated cell-based kinetic signaling assays for compound characterization.

InterAx achieves milestone that triggers second part of seed investment ahead of schedule

December 2017, Switzerland-Boston: InterAx announced today a successful milestone achievement to trigger the second part of the seed investment led by a team of Boston-based Biotech investors. Martin Ostermaier, CEO of InterAx said: “Our investors were impressed by the speed and quality of how the set goals for 2017 have been achieved, in particular with our success in identifying first hits in our in-house drug discovery program.”

InterAx listed in the TOP100 Swiss Startup 2017

September 2017, Switzerland: 100 investors and experts selected InterAx as one of the most innovative and promising Swiss startup of the last 5 years! The seventh edition of the TOP 100 Swiss startup ranking was disclosed yesterday. As new entry, CEO Dr. Martin Ostermaier had the chance to pitch in front of more than 700 people, including more than 200 investors from Switzerland and abroad.

August 2017, Switzerland-Germany: InterAx and Prof. Peter Kolb of Philipps-University Marburg, group leader in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, entered a collaboration to fuse the unique biosensor and systems biology platform with the expertise on virtual screening for the development of lead compounds with highly tailored pharmacological properties for an undisclosed target.

August 2017, Switzerland-Canada: We have strengthened our scientific advisory board with one of the most internationally cited scientists, Prof. Michel Bouvier from the University of Montréal. His research focuses on deciphering the molecular mechanisms that regulate one of the most important classes of current drug targets, the family of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs).

July 2017, Switzerland : We are nominated for the TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award 2017. A jury composed by professionals and your vote will rank the companies for the TOP 100 Swiss startups award. The profiles of the selected startups will be published in a special edition of the Handelszeitung, the most renown Swiss business and economy weekly newspaper.

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We welcome our new CSO Maria Waldhoer!

February 2017, Switzerland : Dr. Maria Waldhoer recently joined our team as Chief Scientific Officer. She has a track record of more than 20 years in GPCR / 7TM receptor signaling and pharmacology both in academia and industry. She brings in a wealth of expertise and knowledge in drug discovery for GPCRs.

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Seed financing round closed, undisclosed amount

December 2016, Switzerland / U.S. : InterAx Biotech AG has closed a seed financing round with a team of Boston based biotech investors.

November 2016, Switzerland: The Swiss UpStart Challenge took a total of nine months and was divided into three phases. After each of the three phases, a selection round took place. InterAx reached the final round and won a prize worth CHF 20'000.- The Challenge, in collaboration with Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz (FHNW), helped to successfully improve InterAx business case in a competitive environment.

October 2016, Basel Switzerland: Each year, outstanding technology-based innovations and developments from start-ups, universities and technical institutions as well as established businesses are awarded prizes in three categories. InterAx, in the category Inventors, has convinced the jury during a pitch about its breakthrough in research and development and has therefore been nominated among the three finalists.

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6th place at >>venture>> Business Plan competition for InterAx!

June 2016, Zürich, Switzerland: InterAx made it with a 6th place among 119 Business Plans! »venture» is an initiative of the ETH Zurich, McKinsey & Company Switzerland, Knecht Holding, the innovation promotion agency CTI, and École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). The leading Swiss-wide startup competition supports young entrepreneurs in founding a company.

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April 2016, Switzerland: InterAx CEO Dr. Martin Ostermaier was selected as a 2016 Venture Leader. Chosen out of over 100 candidates by a panel of investors and high-tech entrepreneurs, Martin will travel to Boston in June for an intensive business development trip in partnership with swissnex Boston.

February 2016, Switzerland: A jury of entrepreneurs, investors, and scientists has selected InterAx Biotech out of eight projects as a winner of the Venture Kick Final, and a CHF 130,000 investment.

Commenting on the award, InterAx Biotech CEO Dr. Martin Ostermaier said, “Venture Kick was more than winning a price, it was a process in which our team was challenged and during which the business case continuously improved. It helped to expand our network of investors and advisors, and also to connect with other startups. The lessons learned were essential and brought us faster and more focused forward,”

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InterAx Biotech and PSI awarded grant from Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation

December 2015, Bern, Switzerland: The Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation has awarded InterAx Biotech and the Paul Scherrer Institute a significant grant to advance shared research goals. The grant will enable project partners to make key developments on the technology platform.

June 2015, Lausanne, Switzerland:  InterAx was selected by the Venture Kick jury to win 20,000 CHF in pre-seed capital.  The Stage II Kick will provide funding for the company to execute pilot projects. Read Martin Ostermaier interview on the VentureKick website. InterAx now moves on to Stage III of the competition and an opportunity to win a 100,000 CHF investment.

InterAx team

February 2015, Lausanne, Switzerland:  InterAx was two of four companies selected by a jury of successful entrepreneurs and investors to win 10,000 CHF in pre-seed capital. The company will now move on to Stage II of the Venture Kick competition, with an opportunity to win an additional 20,000 CHF.

InterAx team

Dr. Martin Ostermaier named Pioneer Fellow, InterAx Biotech awarded 150,000 CHF in equity free capital

December 2014, Zürich, Switzerland: InterAx Biotech Co-Founder Martin Ostermaier was selected by a panel of scientific experts as an ETH Zürich Pioneer Fellow. The award was given based on the scientific merit of the arrestin-GPCR complex stabilization technology and its potential in drug screening applications.